1. Shhh! They’re Here! on Flickr.

    We’ve been doing a house sit and the owner’s had mentioned that deer often come through the yard. After almost 3 weeks they came today. David snuck up the stairs and whispered “Shhhh! They’re here!” He didn’t have to tell me who…


  2. Point Arena Lighthouse Wide on Flickr.

    Point Arena Lighthouse, Northern California Coast.
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  4. California Coast Saturday on Flickr.

    I haven’t had time to post to both tumblr and flickr but we have sure been haiving a great time.

    See large and on black background at


  5. Isla Mujeres is really a magical kind of place.  We were walking along the beach and heard violin music ahead.  As we approached we saw this couple sitting on a beached sailing canoe and the man was playing his violin.  The music was lovely and the scene speaks for itself.  THIS is why we love Isla Mujeres.


  6. After Sunset - Isla Mujeres, Mexico


  7. New adventure coming soon……….

    We’re in countdown mode for our next adventure.  We’re going to spend two months on a little island off the coast of Mexico.  In other words the term “work from home” can become “trabajar desde casa”  :)  Expect photos of white sand beaches and turquoise waters very soon………………..



  9. Flower on Flickr.